Supporting those in Need 

At Chowdene, we partner with lots of local and national organisations to support those who need practical help. One organisation we work closely with is Safe Families for Children.

When a crisis strikes a family with children, its effects can be devastating. Many of us would turn to relatives and friends for support but some families can be really isolated with nobody there to help them. Safe Families is a Christian charity offering early intervention volunteer support to vulnerable children and families with the aims of preventing child neglect and abuse, stabilising the family and reducing the flow of children into the care system.

Over the last year, Chowdene has 23 volunteers currently involved and through this we have supported 39 families, benefitting a total of 91 children.

how can i help

The charity recruits three types of volunteer to help it deliver services:

1) Host Families look after a child for a couple of days to a couple of weeks,
2: Family Friends befriend and mentor parents through difficult times and
3) Resource Friends supply a wide range of goods and services the family needs. 

If you would like to find out more ot become a volunteer with Safe Families, you can sign up easily using the form below-