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Blueprint for Living - Keep the Lord's Day special (download)
John Bates, 10/12/2017
Blueprint for Living - Do Not Lie (download)
Sam Allport, 03/12/2017
Blueprint for Living - You Shall Not Steal (download)
Stuart Hann, 26/11/2017
Blueprint for Living - Do Not Commit Adultery (download)
Ruth Crichton, 12/11/2017
Blueprint for Living - Do Not Kill! (download)
Terry Nichol, 05/11/2017
Blueprint for Living - Obey Your Parents (download)
Janice Taylor, 29/10/2017
Prison break (download)
Philip Le Dune, 22/10/2017
Guest Service (download)
Steve Riley, 15/10/2017
Blueprint for Living - Do No Be Jealous Of What Others Have (download)
Heather Alderson, 08/10/2017
Blueprint for Living - Keep God's name holy (download)
Paul Baddams, 01/10/2017
Blueprint For Living - Worship Him Only (download)
Corinne Oliver, 24/09/2017
Guest service (download)
Geoff Forster, 17/09/2017
Blueprint For Living - Put God First (download)
Terry Nichol, 10/09/2017
Do not worry about anything (download)
John Bates, 03/09/2017
God uncovered: silent, absent, distant God? (download)
Heather Alderson, 27/08/2017
God uncovered: holy, mysterious, unapproachable God? (download)
Ruth Crichton, 20/08/2017
God uncovered: angry, judgemental God? (download)
John Bates, 13/08/2017
God uncovered: Santa Claus, happy, genie God? (download)
Sam Allport, 06/08/2017
God uncovered: faith plus performance God? (download)
Corinne Oliver, 30/07/2017
God Uncovered: what kind of lens are you wearing? (download)
Terry Nichol, 23/07/2017
No excuse, no regret, no compromise (download)
John Hawksworth, 16/07/2017
Our purpose: to serve God with reverent fear (download)
Heather Alderson, 09/07/2017
Our purpose: to trust God through suffering (download)
Paul Baddams, 02/07/2017
Our purpose: to wait on God with hope (download)
Sam Allport,
Supernova Sunday (download)
Paul Oliver, 18/06/2017
Our purpose: to love God and others (download)
Janice Taylor, 11/06/2017
God's purpose: to carry out His ways in our lives (download)
Stuart Hann, 04/06/2017
God's purpose: to accomplish His plan for good (download)
Ruth Crichton, 28/05/2017
Jane Kitson - Guest service (download)
Jane Kitson, 21/05/2017
Testimony (download)
Curtis, 14/05/2017
Gods Purpose: To Establish his kingdom (download)
Terry Nichol, 14/05/2017
God's purpose 3: to love his people (download)
Lars Dunberg, 07/05/2017
God's purpose 2: to conform us to Christ (download)
John Bates, 30/04/2017
God's purpose 1: A people who will reflect his glory (download)
Corinne Oliver, 23/04/2017
Hope Is Here - Easter Sunday (download)
Paul Baddams, 16/04/2017
A beautiful act & an act of betrayal - Mark 14: 1-11 (download)
Ruth Crichton, 09/04/2017
Simply bread and simply wine and yet..... Mark 14: 12-26 (download)
Terry Nichol, 02/04/2017
Signs of the end of the age (download)
Dave Walton, 26/03/2017
Capstone or reject - Mark 12: 1-12 & 28-34 (download)
Stuart Hann, 19/03/2017
Childlike or childish? - Mark 10: 13-31 (download)
Janice Taylor, 12/03/2017
Three up, nine down - Mark 9:2-32 (download)
Terry Nichol, 05/03/2017
A Pic nic in the park (download)
Ruth Crichton, 26/02/2017
Life changing encounters (download)
Corrine Oliver, 19/02/2017
Sewing seeds (download)
Sam Allport, 12/02/2017
A friend in need - Mark 2: 1-13 (download)
John Bates, 05/02/2017
Being prepared - Mark 1:1-20 (download)
Heather Alderson, 29/01/2017
Standing strong 4 - building the kingdom (download)
Stuart Hann, 22/01/2017
Standing strong 3- strong until the end (download)
Jeff Lucas, 21/01/2017
Standing strong 2 - Strong under pressure (download)
Jeff Lucas, 21/01/2017
Standing strong 1 - The Jerusalem Supernova (download)
Jeff Lucas, 20/01/2017
Church Vision (download)
Paul Oliver, 15/01/2017
In the name of love - Carol Service (download)
Heather Alderson, 18/12/2016
Joy and expectation (download)
Paul Baddams, 11/12/2016
Looking Forward (download)
Ruth Crichton, 04/12/2016
Back from the grave (download)
John Bates, 27/11/2016
King David visit his GP (download)
Dave Burke, 20/11/2016
The only way (download)
Terry Nichol, 13/11/2016
Abandoned by God (download)
Corinne Oliver, 06/11/2016
Extraordinary teacher (download)
Ruth Crichton, 30/10/2016
The Wind and Waves know his name (download)
Janice Taylor, 23/10/2016
JESUS son of GOD son of man (download)
Sam Allport, 09/10/2016
Miracle worker (2) (download)
Stuart Hann, 02/10/2016
Miracle worker (1) (download)
Stuart Hann, 25/09/2016
The first salvage hunter: JESUS (download)
Geoff Forster, 18/09/2016
The uniqueness of Christ (download)
Terry Nichol, 11/09/2016
Jesus: The one and only (download)
Heather Alderson, 04/09/2016
conversations with God (download)
Stuart Hann, 28/08/2016
Earthly Minded or Heavenly Minded (download)
Corinne Oliver, 21/08/2016
Shadows and Reality (download)
Terry Nichol, 14/08/2016
Mysteries and treasures (download)
Ruth Norman, 07/08/2016
The Jesus Supremacy (download)
Paul Baddams, 31/07/2016
Living a worthy life (download)
John Bates, 24/07/2016
Paul's passion part 2 (download)
Terry Nichol, 17/07/2016
Paul's passion no1 (download)
Terry Nichol, 10/07/2016
Peter - Failing (download)
Heather Alderson, 03/07/2016
Jesus - servant (download)
Corinne Oliver, 26/06/2016
Stand firm (download)
Jim Beattie, 19/06/2016
John The Baptist - Integrity (download)
Sam Allport, 12/06/2016
Daniel - Resolve (download)
John Bates, 05/06/2016
Moses - Perseverance (download)
Stuart Hann , 29/05/2016
David - Courage (download)
Paul Baddams, 22/05/2016
Guest service (download)
Philip Le Dune, 15/05/2016
Joshua - Leading by Example (download)
Terry Nichol, 08/05/2016
Deborah - Rising to the Occasion (download)
Ruth Norman, 01/05/2016
Joseph - enduring (download)
Terry Nichol, 24/04/2016
John Hawksworth (download)
John Hawksworth, 17/04/2016
Abraham - Embracing the unknown (download)
Janice Taylor, 10/04/2016
Noah - doing what's right (download)
Corinne Oliver, 03/04/2016
In the name of love (download)
Terry Nichol, 27/03/2016
Palm Sunday (download)
Dave Glover, 20/03/2016
Succession (download)
Terry Nichol, 13/03/2016
A second chance - meeting with God (download)
Ruth Norman, 06/03/2016
Down but not out (download)
Sam Allport, 28/02/2016
Guest speaker JK (download)
Jane kitson, 21/02/2016
Beating The Odds (download)
Paul Baddams, 14/02/2016
Depending on God 3 - A chance encounter - Obadiah (download)
John Bates, 07/02/2016
Serving (download)
Stuart Hann, 31/01/2016
Depending on God 1 - God provides (download)
Heather Alderson, 24/01/2016
Church Weekend session 4 (download)
John Bates, 17/01/2016
Church weekend session 2 (download)
Paul Scanlon, 16/01/2016
Church weekend session 1 (download)
Paul Scanlon, 15/01/2016
Your now is not forever (download)
Steve Riley, 10/01/2016
Labels (download)
Stuart Hann, 03/01/2016
Carol Service 2015 (download)
Whole Service, 20/12/2015
Advent 2015 - 4 - God's gift (download)
John Bates, 13/12/2015
Advent 2015 - 3 - The View from Heaven (download)
Heather Alderson, 06/12/2015
Advent 2015 - 2 - Have yourself a Mary Christmas (download)
Sam Allport, 29/11/2015
Advent 2015 - 1 - How can I be sure of this? (download)
Ruth Norman, 22/11/2015
Priceless (download)
Joel Woodier, 15/11/2015
Practical Christian Living - Made in Gods Image (download)
Paul Oliver, 08/11/2015
Practical Christian Living Part 5 - The Only Way to God (download)
Terry Nichol, 01/11/2015
Practical Christian Living -Compasion (download)
Paul Baddams, 25/10/2015
Be Still (download)
Jane Kitson, 18/10/2015
Practical Christian Living Part 3 - Standing in the Faith (download)
JohnBates, 11/10/2015
Practical Christian Living Part 2 - Tithing (download)
Stuart Hann, 04/10/2015
Closer 2 - For just such a time (download)
Lindsay Bruce, 03/10/2015
Closer 1 - Touching the cloak (download)
Lindsay Bruce, 03/10/2015
Practical Christian Living Part 2 - Tithing (download)
Practical Christian Living Part 1 - Baptism (download)
Corinne Oliver, 27/09/2015
Chowdene friends (download)
Ian Stewart, 20/09/2015
What do you believe? (download)
Stuart Hann, 13/09/2015
Micah 7 - Choose Wisely (download)
Terry Nichol, 06/09/2015
Micah 6 - Walk the Talk (download)
Sam Allport, 30/08/2015
Micah 5 - A Global Reach (download)
Paul Baddams, 23/08/2015
Micah 4 - Displaying Hope (download)
Heather Alderson, 16/08/2015
Micah 3 - Break the habit and start afresh (download)
Ruth Norman, 09/08/2015
Micah 2 - See the world through God's eyes (download)
Corinne Oliver, 02/08/2015
Micah 1 (download)
John Bates, 26/07/2015
And He is the head of the body (download)
Geoff Forster, 19/07/2015
Church Vision - are you a radiator? (download)
Paul Oliver, 12/07/2015
Church Values - Reaching (download)
Sam Allport, 05/07/2015
Church Values - Persevering (download)
John Bates, 28/06/2015
Child of a King (download)
John Hawksworth, 21/06/2015
Church Values - Building (download)
Terry Nichol, 14/06/2015
Church Values - Serving (download)
Corinne Oliver, 07/06/2015
Church Values - Nurturing (download)
Nancy Doyle, 31/05/2015
Church Values - Welcoming (download)
Stuart Hann, 24/05/2015
'The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom' (download)
John Bates,
Church Values - Aspiring (download)
Heather Alderson, 10/05/2015
Our Church Values 2015 (download)
Paul Oliver, 03/05/2015
Child Dedication (download)
John Bates, 26/04/2015
Guest Service - April (download)
Phil LeDunne, 19/04/2015
Hope is alive! (download)
Corinne Oliver, 12/04/2015
Now is the time (download)
Sam Allport, 05/04/2015
Biblica Review (download)
Helen and Seth Beckreck, 29/03/2015
Biblica 8 - Amen (download)
Terry Nichol, 22/03/2015
Biblica 8 - Persevere (download)
Sam Allport, 15/03/2015
Biblica 7 - Keep the faith (download)
Heather Alderson, 08/03/2015
Biblica 6 - An Alternative View (download)
John Bates,
Biblica 5 - Be encouragers (download)
Stuart Hann, 22/02/2015
Biblica 4 - Jesus is for Everyone (download)
Terry Nichol, 15/02/2015
Biblica 3 - History Makers (download)
Corinne Oliver, 08/02/2015
Biblica 2 - The Greatest Story (download)
John Bates, 01/02/2015
Biblica 1 - The Word is relevant (download)
David Walton, 25/01/2015
Together As One - Chowdene Weekend Session 4 (download)
John Bates, 18/01/2015
Together As One - Chowdene Weekend Session 2 (download)
Phil Hillsdon, Michael Coltman, 17/01/2015
Together as one - Chowdene Weekend Session 1 (download)
Julian Prior Action Foundation, 16/01/2015
Family Service (download)
Dave Glover, 11/01/2015
Vision Sunday (download)
Paul Oliver, 04/01/2015
Hopes & Fears (download)
Stuart Hann, 28/12/2014
Carol Service 2014 (full service) (download)
Terry Nichol, 21/12/2014
Advent 3 (download)
Sam Allport, 14/12/2014
Advent 2 (download)
John Bates, 07/12/2014
Taking a risk - Advent 1 (download)
Heather Alderson, 30/11/2014
God with us - For eternity (download)
Sam Allport, 23/11/2014
Guest service (download)
Geoff Forster, 16/11/2014
God with us - dwelling within us (download)
Terry Nichol, 09/11/2014
God with us, Jesus a Plan Fulfilled (download)
Corinne Oliver, 02/11/2014
God with us - a plan in motion (download)
Peter Bennett, 26/10/2014
Journey and Destination (download)
Jeff Baxter, 19/10/2014
Journey and Destination (download)
Jeff Baxter, 19/10/2014
God With Us - In Our Worship (download)
Paul Oliver, 12/10/2014
God with us - in the detail (download)
Paul Baddams, 05/10/2014
God With Us - God Reconnects (download)
Sam Allport, 28/09/2014
God with us ... at the beginning (download)
Corinne Oliver,
Family Service (download)
Andy Gaun, 14/09/2014
LivingExcellent Financial Lives (download)
Terry Nichol,
Living Excellent Eternal Lives (download)
Heather Alderson, 31/08/2014
Living Excellent Directional Lives (download)
Janice Taylor, 17/08/2014
Living Excellent Moral Lives (download)
John Bates, 10/08/2014
Living Excellent Spiritual Lives (download)
Stuart Han, 03/08/2014
Prayer to be reckoned with (download)
Sam Allport, 27/07/2014
Obedience no matter what (download)
Jane Kitson, 20/07/2014
Keep calm and have patience (download)
Terry Nichol,
Nothing but a wisp of fog (download)
Stuart Hann, 06/07/2014
Wars without and wars within (download)
Heather Alderson, 29/06/2014
Live Well, Live Wisely (download)
Paul Oliver, 22/06/2014
James 3: The Tongue (download)
John Bates, 08/06/2014
Faith in Action - James 2:14-26 (download)
Corinne Oliver, 01/06/2014
James 2 - Favouritsm (download)
Paul Baddams, 25/05/2014
Matt Wilson (download)
Matt Wilson, 18/05/2014
Listening and Doing (download)
Peter Bennett,
James 1:2-18 (download)
Janice Taylor, 04/05/2014
The witnessing church (download)
David Glover, 27/04/2014
The Easter Story (download)
Corinne Oliver, 20/04/2014
Passion for God, People and to Serve (download)
Heather Alderson +2, 13/04/2014
Gods Army (download)
Sam Allport, 06/04/2014
The Importance of The Bible (download)
Paul Baddams, 30/03/2014
Sharing the Gospel (download)
Terry Nichol, 23/03/2014
I am the vine (download)
Geoff Forster, 16/03/2014
Expressing love as a church (download)
Peter Bennett, 09/03/2014
Loving one another (download)
Janice Taylor, 02/03/2014
Cornerstone 2: Knowing God (download)
John Bates, 23/02/2014
Hebrews 10:24, 25 (download)
Philip LeDune, 16/02/2014
The Word & it's power to change lives (download)
Stuart Hann, 09/02/2014
The Word as our daily experience (download)
Corinne Oliver, 02/02/2014
The Bible - The Authority of The Word (download)
David Walton, 26/01/2014
Church Weekend - Session 4 (download)
John Bates, 19/01/2014
Church Weekend (download)
Nancy Doyle, 17/01/2014
What Now? Our Vision (download)
P Oliver, 12/01/2014
Now What? (download)
Corrine Oliver, 29/12/2013
Carol Service (download)
Paul Baddams, 22/12/2013
Women in Church (download)
Stuart Han, 15/12/2013
Justified by God (download)
Peter Bennett, 08/12/2013
Finance & Giving (download)
Janice Taylor, 01/12/2013
The Unknown God (download)
Corinne Oliver, 24/11/2013
Eschew Obfuscation - Keep it Simple (download)
Heather Alderson, 10/11/2013
Continuing in Acts (download)
Terry Nichol, 27/10/2013
Freedom (download)
Paul Ellison, 20/10/2013
Division in the Church (download)
Paul Badhams, 13/10/2013
A tale of two disputes (download)
John Bates, 06/10/2013
A Heavy Yoke (download)
Paul Ellison, 29/09/2013
What kind of God do you worship? (download)
Paul Oliver, 22/09/2013
Chosen by God (download)
Paul Ellison, 15/09/2013
Amazing Grace (download)
Stuart Hann, 08/09/2013
A man after God's own heart (download)
Sam Allport, 01/09/2013
Mission Impossible (download)
Janice Taylor, 25/08/2013
Vision Part 2 - Nothing we do today can affect what has gone before. (download)
Paul Ellison, 18/08/2013
Vision Part 1 - Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer. (download)
Paul Ellison, 12/08/2013
Fear - Honey I shrunk the Lord (download)
Terry Nichol, 04/08/2013
Honourable living (download)
John Bates, 28/07/2013
R&R (Relentless and Resilient) (download)
Meg Ellison, 21/07/2013
Set Apart (download)
Corinne Oliver, 14/07/2013
Should have gone to Specsavers (download)
Paul Ellison, 30/06/2013
The Gospel for all people (download)
Andy Gibson, 23/06/2013
What If ? (download)
Jim Wilson, 16/06/2013
Transformers (download)
Pastor Paul Ellison, 09/06/2013
Saying YES to God (download)
Meg Ellison, 03/06/2013
Philip the Evangelist (download)
Paul Oliver, 26/05/2013
Is your heart right ? (download)
John Bates, 19/05/2013
Identity Theft (download)
Paul Ellison, 12/05/2013
Come as you are (download)
Terry Nichol, 05/05/2013
What a way to go (download)
Heather Alderson, 28/04/2013
The Great Incentive for Reaching Out (download)
Rev. Ben Davies, 21/04/2013
What is God like (AM service) (download)
Rev. Ben Davies, 21/04/2013
The name's Bond ... (download)
Paul Ellison, 14/04/2013
Dare to be different (download)
Paul Badhams, 07/04/2013
Tale of 3 trees (download)
Paul Ellison, 31/03/2013
Who said you could say that ? (download)
Paul Ellison, 24/03/2013
Trouble will come (download)
Steve RIley,
Exploring the Book of Acts (Part 6); "Honey, I'm just popping out" (download)
Paul Ellison, 10/03/2013
Exploring the Book of Acts (Part 5) (download)
Sam Allport, 04/03/2013
Exploring the Book of Acts (Part 4) (download)
John Bates, 24/02/2013
Float your boat of hope (download)
Pastor Paul Ellison, 17/02/2013
Exploring the Book of Acts (Part 3) (download)
Terry Nichol, 10/02/2013
Exploring the Book of Acts (Part 2) (download)
Corinne Oliver, 03/02/2013
Exploring the Book of Acts (Part 1) (download)
Pastor Paul Ellison, 27/01/2013